Friday, May 24, 2013

Your judgement needs a shake up

This issue has been on my heart cause I wanted to speak out on a few things and so rather then do a ton of blogs I'll put em all into one blog as they all have one thing in common and that is our judgement. Some quote the Bible and say "judge not lest you be judged." Well that does not mean to not judge at all. It just means that whatever judgement you use the same measure will be given to you. In other words be sure of your judgement and don't judge by just appearances. Things aren't always what they seem. So lets go over a few things about how we are judging things as we want to be correct in our judgement.... Lets just say you go to the grocery store and you are getting a few things. Just your normal average day and you look at the entrance and see someone wearing a turban walk in. What is your first thought?? Do you pray and hope they are not carrying a bomb?? If you did congratulations that makes you racist. I made the same mistake a while ago and am still working on repenting of it. Just because someone wears a turban does not make them automatically a Muslim. Chances are they are a Muslim but even if they are that doesn't mean they are an extremist and wants to blow the place up. Not all Muslims are suicide bombers. And like I said they might not be Muslim at all maybe they became a Christian but still want to wear the turban cause its comfy. Maybe they like wearing the turban. Maybe they haven't settled in their minds about wearing a turban after all there are Christians who feel guilty about eating meat or having a sip of alcohol. So lets show some grace after all GOD does for us.... Next we have two mothers. One mother lets call her Audrey decides after having kids to still go to work and be a mom. The other mother lets call her Anne decides after having kids to be a stay at home mom. Which one made the better decision?? If you picked just one or the other well the answer actually is both made the right decision for them. Because of our economy most families just can't afford for mom to stay at home and so she has to go to work because husbands paycheck alone won't cover everything. So you being hard on them and saying to them constantly that the woman should stay at home is just plain mean and that doesn't help them at all. You are adding to their burdens and their stress. And what if she is called by GOD to go to work and be a mom?? Should she ignore GOD's call simply because you think its wrong?? Some of you would say GOD wouldn't call her to that. How do you know?? GOD's ways and GOD's thoughts are higher then ours. Just because a mother is also working doesn't mean she's evil and turning her back against all women. And just because a mother chooses to stay at home doesn't make her perfect either. Maybe she choose to stay at home just so you would tell her she's a great woman and to get praises. Or maybe not. Maybe Audrey picked what's right for her and Anne picked what's right for her and both their motives are pure. Or maybe they picked the paths they did for more attention..... Moving on lets say again you are in the grocery store shopping and again its a normal day. You see the entrance and you see an African American walk in wearing baggy jeans an t-shirt. What is your first thought?? You think he's in a gang?? You think he might be a drug dealer?? You think he might be carrying a gun or violent somehow?? If you did congratulations again that makes you racist. Lets call our African American Wayne. Well maybe Wayne likes baggy clothes that doesn't mean he's in a gang or he's sloppy or lazy. Maybe Wayne is comfortable in baggy clothes. That's ok after all as the Christian comedian Mike Warnke said "GOD changed my soul not my shirt." .... Lets say there are two women. One is name Jenny and the other is Christina. Lets say Jenny decides to never marry and stay single and Christina decides to marry and have kids. Which one made the right decision?? If you picked either one or the other the correct answer is both. Lets start with Jenny as many out there think that we all have to marry and have kids or else we are not being Christian. How sure are you on that?? Jesus talked about those who want to stay single in the Bible. 'The disciples said to Him, "if such is the case of a man with his wife, it is better not to marry." But He said to them, "Not everyone can receive this saying, but only those to whom it is given. For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of Heaven. Let the one who is able to receive this receive it." Matthew 19:10-12 ESV. Even Paul said it is better to be single cause then you can be more focused on GOD instead of the one you are married to. Some say we are meant for relationships GOD created us this way. You are right we are but there is still Church and other meetings and places where one can go for fellowship and friendship. Just because Jenny chooses to be single doesn't make her evil. Maybe GOD has called her to be single. Some would say GOD wouldn't do that. Again how would you know?? Again GOD's thoughts and ways are higher then ours. And just because Christina chooses to be married and have kids doesn't make her perfect either. Maybe she did it on purpose to get praise. I'm not bashing marriage if you are in love and want to get married then go for it and I wish you all the best. All I'm saying is before you criticize Jenny for being single ask her motives first and really listen. If you are forming arguments in your mind as she is talking then you are not listening. Maybe Jenny chooses to be single cause she fears marriage if that's the case that's for her to work out and for GOD to fix not you. And if you get down on Jenny constantly telling her to be married or she's just not a Christian well that's plain mean and you need to apologize. Maybe Jenny and Christina decided what was best for them and have pure motives or maybe not.... Lets move on to two men. One is named Ralph and he goes to Church every Sunday and he lifts his arms in praise to GOD. He tithes every Sunday and sings every worship song. He can quote you the Bible any verse any time. And you see him out praying for others saying long prayers that sound like poetry. And when Ralph sees you at Church he greets you with a smile and asks how you are and he is friends with everyone at Church. Everyone knows Ralph and thinks he should pray on becoming a Pastor one day as he is a very good speaker and very friendly. The other man is named Thomas. Thomas also goes to Church every Sunday but he doesn't lift his arms or dance or sing when praising GOD. He doesn't tithe at all. When it comes to the Bible he remembers some but for the most part has trouble remembering it. He doesn't pray in public for others for the most part and when he does his prayers are short and not poetic. Thomas for the most part is introverted and doesn't have many friends but feels called by GOD to be a Pastor but doesn't tell anyone. Instead his friends suggest he should work in a library because Thomas is so quiet and introverted. One of these men will be a Pastor and is Christian the other is not a Christian and won't be a Pastor. Which is it?? If you answered that Ralph is Christian to be Pastor you are wrong the answer was Thomas. The Pharisees in Jesus day were alot like Ralph making lengthy prayers and tithing things and even the devil quoted the Bible when tempting Jesus. I don't remember who said it but they said "GOD doesn't call the equipped He equips the called." I have a Pastor who is naturally shy and introverted but he's working on that and GOD is powerfully using him. And going to Church doesn't make you a Christian unless walking into a garage makes you a car. Many students at universities study the Bible and can quote it but that doesn't make them Christian. The reason Thomas didn't tithe is the same reason I don't. I have no income or money at all of my own. Some would say to tithe anyways but one can't get blood from the stone and you can't tithe if you have nothing to tithe with. And to put pressure on someone to tithe when they can't do that is mean and just causes them stress and it's not helping.... Alright lets say you meet two people at Church. One is named Judy and she is in wheelchair the second one is named Andrew who is not in a wheelchair. Which one has more faith?? The answer is neither there is no such thing as more or less faith you either have it or you don't. And just because someone is physically or mentally disabled doesn't mean they don't have faith or are not saved. To tell someone is disabled that they have no faith or are not saved simply because they are disabled is downright mean and cruel and nasty and hurtful. GOD does heal yes but sometimes He uses the disability for His glory. Weather someone gets healed or not is GOD's decision and not yours. Again please remember GOD's thoughts and ways are higher then ours. Remember Paul's thorn?? He asked three times to be healed from the thorn but the answer was no and that His grace is sufficient. Paul could have had all the faith in the world and could have kept saying he had no thorn and the thorn no longer existed but thing was it still would have been there cause His grace is sufficient. Some say that to say you have a disability is to call into being and to say instead believe in your healing and say its not there. That is called denial and its not healthy and that is also lying cause you are saying it is not there and that's not true therefore you are lying. Besides you look really stupid going around saying you don't have something when its very clear that you do.... Ok lets say you meet a man named Ronald who is a very recently converted Christian and used to be gay but still struggles with that. Some would say to him just be straight go date a girl and will try and talk him into dating as if he's able to change overnight. Those of us in Celebrate Recovery know that recovery doesn't always happen overnight although we sure would like it to. But we all know we have struggles that will probably last a lifetime but if you struggle with homosexuality its for the most part expected you overnight are straight and ready to date women. That's not nice to expect someone anyone no matter what there struggle to just get over it overnight. In fact as Rick Warren said "Get over it!? Hose up your nose!" And you know those who struggle with homosexuality are already having a tough time as now they are seen badly by the gay community cause now they are a Christian and so they are already being bashed by them. The last thing they need is bashing from us who are supposed to set the example and love our neighbors.... Just a few more things. Just because someone has tattoos doesn't mean they can't be Christian. I have a friend who's Christian who has tattoos and hers are very pretty. The tattoo law in the Old Testament is part of the old law which was done away with after Christ died and rose again. Just because a man chooses to have long hair doesn't make him less Christian. Jewish males let their hair grow and chances are Jesus had long hair. Just because a woman chooses to have short hair doesn't make her less Christian I know some Christian women with short hair and it looks very pretty on them. Just because someone wears a turban doesn't make em less Christian or not one at all. Just because someone wears a Sari doesn't make them not Christian or less of one. Just because someone has multiple piercings doesn't make them less Christian. Just because someone has a drink of alcohol doesn't make em less Christian. Jesus turned water into wine and He wouldn't have done that if alcohol in and of itself was a sin. The Bible just says to not get drunk. Even Paul encouraged Timothy to have wine to help him with some health problems. Just because someone plays poker doesn't make em less or not a Christian. There is nothing in the Bible against gambling in fact people would cast lots and GOD never said it was wrong Jesus just said that the love of money is wrong. Just because someone listens to secular music doesn't make them less or not a Christian. As long as the lyrics have no swearing and are not rude and crude and not against GOD feel free to listen to it. To say all secular music is wrong is to say that even nursery rhymes are evil. Just use discernment and if you don't have discernment ask for it. Just because someone dances doesn't make them less a Christian. Some have said to just do Davidic dancing to just dance like David did. Well ok well then why don't we get a time machine and go back in time and watch how David danced and then come back and do that?? Oh wait can't do that. By the way when David danced he took his clothes off and I don't think that would be a good idea in Church. As long as your dance moves are not crude and rude then dance away. Just because someone prefers The Message Bible or NIV or ESV doesn't make them less a Christian. Some say to just read KJV. KJV makes my brain hurt. And GOD can speak through any version of the Bible He feels like speakin through. And just because someone belongs to a certain denomination doesn't make them less Christian. I like what my Pastor said he said there is unity in diversity. Just because you are a Christian doesn't mean we all have to be the exact same way. Hitler wanted everyone the same and no one was into that. Just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't make them less or not a Christian. Some say if you argue then you are not being of the same mind. Being of the same mind doesn't mean you can treat me like a doormat and expect me to agree to everything you say that won't happen... Some Church's believe that a woman must always long sleeves right to their wrists and long pants or skirts down to their ankles and a high collar up to the chin. To the one's who suggest that why don't you try that and see how comfortable you are especially here in southern Cali when it reaches 100 degrees and sometimes over 100. To ask women to do that is stupid yes everyone should be covered up but that's ridiculous and its cruel to ask us to be uncomfortable just so you'll be happy. And as for keeping covered up ladies we must do what we can so that men can be comfortable around us and so to help them keep their minds pure. So if you wanna wear a skirt please make sure it goes at least to your knees. When wearing any top please make sure that your breasts are not showing at all and that your tummy isn't showing. If you are wearing a tank top please make sure your undergarments are not showing. And men I know it gets hot in the summer but women have a tough time when it comes to looking at men as well so please keep your shirts on and if you wanna wear baggy jeans please make sure your undergarments are not showing. Just because a man does not wear a tie does not mean he is less a Christian and if he wears a tie it doesn't instantly make him a Mormon. My Pastor for the most part doesn't wear ties and he isn't any less of a Christian. Just because a woman wears pants doesn't make her less a Christian. I'm really hoping that we are past the thinking that women should only wear dresses and skirts. As for wearing jewelry and makeup go for it it's fun to put on that stuff and dress up at least I think its fun. What Paul meant when he talked about the jewelry and makeup is the motive. If your just doing it to get all the guys gaga at Church then don't do it but if you are doing it as a way to praise GOD because you are a woman then go for it.... What I wanna get across with all this is don't judge just by appearances. The saying to not judge a book by is true. Like lets say someone puts in front of you two books. One is black looks tattered and worn and is falling apart and it looks old there and whatever writing there was on the cover has now worn off. The other book looks clean and new and it has a picture on the cover of a pretty landscape with a girl smiling and the writing on it says "GOD will end all suffering." Which do you choose?? If you choose the second one you just chose The Watchtower the Mormon magazine. The first book was the Bible. Just because someone's Bible is falling apart doesn't mean they are any less of a Christian or not taking proper care of their Bible. I happen to believe that the Bible that is falling apart belongs to someone who isn't.... Back though to the issue of race. When was the last time you invited someone not your race or culture to Church?? Church isn't just for one race or one culture its for all who believe. One other thing I been hearing from some Christians is that African Americans can't be Christian and that they are all Muslim. I thought we were past this but I guess not. If you go to Jesus to be saved He is not gonna say "oh your not the correct race sorry you can't be saved." Nope He will not say that. Anyone regardless of race, color or creed can be saved. "For GOD so loved the world, the He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life" John 3:16 ESV. Notice it says the world and not a certain race.... Ok lets meet two more people. One is named John and he is a gardener and he also helps out with cleaning and things like that. He will often volunteer to do dishes and scrub floors and clean toilets. The second is Larry and he is the Pastor of a mega Church. Which one is Christian?? Nope not the Pastor its John. There are out there Pastors who preach a false Gospel and are complete hypocrites so beware. Just because someone is a Pastor does not mean they are a Christian. Always check the fruit and if the fruit is good then no problem. And when was the last time you thanked those at your Church who do the gardening and the cleaning and the stuff that no one else wants to do?? Someone has to do those things they don't get done by themselves. Their job is just as important as the Pastor's job. Without those doing the dirty work the Church would be a big mess. Not everyone is called to be a Pastor. We don't all have the same gifts and we are not supposed to. As Paul said we are all parts of the body and each part is important. Its not nice to put someone down just because they didn't go on a mission trip to deep dark Africa carrying the Jesus Film on their back..... Lets say at your Church there is a lady named Lisa and you find out that in her past she had an abortion and now wants to join your Church. Whats your reaction?? If you hold that against her I wanna ask why. She can't take back the past anymore then you or I can. If she is truly repentant then GOD has forgiven and welcomes her so why don't you?? We are made in the image of GOD and that's a big responsibility as that means people get ideas of what GOD is like based off of what we say and do. Things are gonna be hard enough for Lisa as she will struggle with the grief of her decision so she doesn't need a hard time from you.... Alright lets say you meet a lady named Mary and she's thinking about maybe going to Church for the first time but is unsure if she is good enough and so she asks you about it and you find out by talking to her that she used to be a prostitute. Would you welcome her to your Church?? If not why not?? Now maybe some of you will be offended cause I said the word prostitute but if your offended by the word then how will handle actually meeting someone who is one?? How are you gonna witness to a prostitute if the word itself offends you?? Some of you wouldn't witness to a prostitute. Why not?? They need the Gospel just as much as everyone else. When was the last time you witnessed to a prostitute or the homeless?? Everyone needs the Gospel not just the ones you think are good enough for it because no one is good enough for it..... Lets say there are two couples. One are the Smiths who just had their first baby. The other are the Fords who adopted their first child. Who made the better decision?? Again they both made the best decision. If you knock someone for adopting that is just plain cruel. Some out there struggle alot with infertility and so they adopt and you will not make it easier for em telling them they don't have enough faith to have a child. That's cruel and that is not loving your neighbor. Plus there are dozens of children out there who need to be adopted and need a good decent home. Not their fault that they are an orphan and they need love just as much as any child does. Some of you may say "well they won't be there forever." Why don't you go say that to the orphans and see how much comfort that brings because I'll bet for them it sure feels like forever... And as for the old food laws even Jesus Himself said its not what you put in your mouth that's sinful its what comes out of it so no one is any less or not Christian because of anything they eat. The old food laws were done with after Jesus died and rose again.... So lets love our neighbor. Lets show grace and compassion. Lets give our judgements a shake and stop judging by just appearances and make a correct judgment...

"Judge not, that ye be be not judged" Matthew 7:1 KJV.
"Otherwise, you will be judged by the same standard you use to judge others. The standards you use for others will be applied to you" Matthew 7:2 GOD's Word Translation.
"Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly" John 7:24 NIV.   

GOD bless you... 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Fun things to do in the elevator

Lets face it riding in an elevator can be boring especially when that dumb elevator music is playing. So why not have some fun?? So here is a list of fun things to do in the elevator. Try em all out and let me know how it goes.

Make car noises whenever anyone gets on or off the elevator.
Shake each person's hand as the enter or get off the elevator.
Congratulate everyone for being in the same elevator as you and let them know you'll sign autographs later. 
Grimace painfully while smacking your forehead muttering "shut up all of you just shut up!"
Whistle the tune "its a small world after all" over and over. 
Sell girl scout cookies.
On a long ride sway side to side at the natural frequency of the elevator.
Crack open your briefcase or purse and say into it "got enough air in there??" 
Offer name tags to everyone in the elevator and wear yours upside down.
Stand silent and motionless in the corner of the elevator facing the wall without getting off.
When arriving at your floor grunt and strain to yank the doors open and act surprised when the open and say "magic!" 
Lean over to another passenger and say "noogie patrol coming!" 
Greet everyone coming in the elevator with a warm handshake and ask them all to call you Admiral. 
Give yourself a manicure or pedicure.
On the highest floor hold the door open and demand it stay open till you hear the penny you dropped go "plunk" on the bottom. 
Do Tai Chi exercises.
Grin at another passenger for a bit then say excitedly "I got new socks on!"
When at least 8 people have gotten on the elevator and its moving moan from the back "oh no not now motion sickness." 
Make animal noises occasionally then pretend it wasn't you who made the noise.
Bet the other passengers you can fit a quarter in your nose.
When the elevator has a couple people in it and its moving start to sing "Mary had a little lamb" while pushing all the buttons. 
Walk in the elevator with a straight face carrying a cooler that says "human head" on it. 
Stare at another passenger for a while then say "your one of them!" then back away slowly. 
Leave a box in between the doors.
Ask a passenger if you can push the button for them if they say no pout and whine about it like a 5 year old. If they say yes be all excited and get emotional and say "I just wanna thank the Academy for this moment and also I wanna thank my pet rock oh I'm just so happy!" 
Wear a puppet on your hand and talk to passengers through the puppet. 
Try and start a sing a long.
Play the harmonica.
Press all the buttons and then say "ding" at each floor.
Lean against the button panel. 
Say "I wonder what all these do" and push the red buttons.
Listen to the elevator walls with a stethoscope and tell passengers your giving the elevator a check up. 
Draw a little square on the floor and announce to the other passengers that its your little personal space.
Blow spit bubbles.
Chew bubble gum loudly with your mouth open and pull out the gum in long strings.
Make explosion noises whenever someone presses a button.
Say to other passengers "wouldn't it be great if this elevator plummeted to the bottom!? What do you think would happen then!?" 
Pretend to get your arm or leg stuck when the elevator door closes.
Set out a picnic on the floor and ask other passengers to join in.
Say to other passengers that you just won the lottery and your on your way to collect your winnings. See who's listening to you. 
Offer to polish the passengers shoes and when they say no look sadly at them with big doe eyes and say sadly "but I need the money to feed my family in Estonia."
Hand out leaflets that say "what to do when the cable breaks or this thing becomes possessed and plummets to the basement. Ten tips that will keep you in one piece you still won't live but it makes it easier on us with cleaning up the blood and all. Have a nice day."
Act surprised when the elevator moves and say "ITS ALIVE!!"
Let your cell phone ring and don't answer it.
Walk into the elevator saying "ahh this reminds me of being buried alive oh those were the days."
Stop the elevator and say "twenty years of being in prison for murdering some dude and now I'm in here stuck in an elevator just my luck!"
Announce in a computer like voice "this elevator will self destruct in 5...4..3..2...oh here's my floor!"
Take your shoes off before entering the elevator and looked shocked and appalled that everyone else has there shoes on.
Tell people your in charge of the elevator and instruct them on how to press the buttons correctly and tell em where to stand and when they can get off.
 When you get to your floor act emotional and say to the passengers "I won't forget any of you for as long as I live. You all have meant so much to me." Ask for a group hug.
Insist the ride the elevator costs 5$ and everyone must pay you to ride it.
Sing "I know a song that will get on your nerves get on your nerves get on your nerves..."
Try breakdancing.
Challenge passengers to a thumb war.
Explain your ideas of world domination to the elevator wall.
Dress like the grim reaper when its not Halloween and look at a passenger and say to them "its time.."
When the doors are opening say "hide it quick!" Then whistle innocently looking at the ceiling as people get on the elevator.
Tell the others passengers that all the elevators look the same and you just can't understand why and act upset.
This only works if your going down to parking and standing with alot of people say in a very loud voice to the elevator without laughing "TAKE ME DOWN TO P!" 
Do air guitar.
Do the disco.
Start riverdancing. 
Start laughing uncontrollably at nothing.
Announce loudly to another passenger "you got grey in your hair!"
Announce loudly in a crowded elevator that your an ex-con.
Bring a pillow and try and start a pillow fight.
Sing off key and loudly and when your done tell other passengers your trying out for American Idol.
Try and start a tickle fight.
Start shadow boxing.
Whisper in someone's ear "I see dead people."
Do the snoopy dance.
Bang your head against the wall over and over for no reason.
Keep pokin the other passengers then insist it wasn't you who poked them.
Talk baby talk to everyone.
For every person that walks into the elevator say to them "well butter my butt and call me a biscuit look who's here!"
Keep talking to yourself.
Do jumping jacks.
Take a skipping rope and start skipping.
Do Elvis impressions.
Get a white sheet cut out holes for your eyes and your nose and put it over you and go in the elevator and try and convince all the passengers that get in that your the ghost of the elevator. Say "boo" every once in a while. 
Do random things in slow motion this include talking.
Announce "clean up on aisle 5!" 
Talk like an auctioneer and auction off the buttons to people.
Try and figure skate.
Do Elmo impressions.
Dress up like Gandalf and when someone tries to enter or leave the elevator get in front of em and say "you shall not pass!" 
Do gangnum style.
Do the macarena. 
Try and teach people how to dougie. 
Try and get everyone to do the electric slide. 
Get into a sudden rage about how no one accepts your requests for Farmville on Facebook. 
Try and convince all the passengers that you can operate the elevator with your mind.
Try and get everyone to do the wave.
Do a comedy routine.
Say to everyone who gets on the elevator "whats up doc??"
Play hopscotch. 
If you have a mustache comb it.
Take your invisible dog into the elevator and introduce him to people and act offended when no one else can see him.
Keep telling knock knock jokes.
Hum the Jaws theme song.
Every once in a while shout "ICEBERG!"
Try and convince all the passengers that the elevator is alive and has feelings and that they must talk nice to it. 
Jog in one place.
Do push ups. 
Do ballet.
Go up to the elevator wall and hug it and say "I know how you feel. I understand what you been through elevator. I'm here for you. It's ok." 
Lick the elevator walls and tell everyone it tastes great.
Do a mime act.
Look at another passenger and smile and open your arms wide and say to them "let me love you."
When someone gets on the elevator act angry and say to them "where have you been! I been waiting for you here for an hour!" See what they do.
Tell passengers that if the elevator goes to the wrong floor you'll release the Kraken.
Play with a yo-yo.
Make faces at people. 
Sit cross legged in the middle of the elevator with your eyes closed and don't move or make a sound or get off.
Crack your knuckles.
Get a garbage bag and put a dummy in it with an arm sticking out and walk in the elevator and say "well another one bites the dust..."
Do the robot.
Do the YMCA.
When someone presses a button shout "BAZINGA!"
Tap dance.
Say "allow me to sing you the song of my people" then sing the theme song of Bill Nye the science guy. 
Do some Hawaiian nose humming.
Try and start a conga line.
Try and get everyone to do the locomotion.
Juggle anything or juggle nothing.
Walk in the elevator wearing pajamas and act appalled that no one else is dressed that way.
Propose to the elevator and say it with alot of emotion.
Try and start a game of rock paper scissors. 
Pretend to be a news reporter and report everything in the elevator and interview people. Put it on youtube. 
Pop your cheek.
March in one place.
Get in a sudden rage that you can never find Waldo or Carmen San Diego. 
Try and make snow angels.
Hop around on a pogo stick.
Tell all the passengers your a member of the lollipop guild and pass out lollipops.
Try to play the game the floor is lava.
Take some bubble wrap and pop it.
Talk like a parrot to everyone.
Sing the llama llama duck song over and over.
Do the harlem shake.
Do the charleston. 
Do the hustle.
Take a hula hoop and start hula hooping in the elevator.
Wave your arms around trying to whack the invisible flies flying around your head.
Play air drums.
Push the buttons with your tongue.