Saturday, December 29, 2012

A prayer for the new year

Well 2013 is on its way and I think a prayer is needed for the new year. So here is a suggested prayer for you to pray for the new year. 

 Dear Heavenly Father Jesus Holy Spirit King of kings Lord of lords the Almighty GOD of the universe creator of Heaven and earth. Your child by adoption Your bond-servant Your warrior prepares for the Spiritual battle of the new year. I by faith put on the girdle of truth! Please help me to stand firm in the truth of Your Holy and inspired Word so that I will not be a victim of Satan's lies. I by faith put on the breastplate of righteousness! May it guard my heart from evil so that I will remain pure and holy, protected under the blood of Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ. I by faith put on the shoes of peace! Please help me to stand firm in the Good News of the Gospel always so that Your peace will shine through me and be a beacon of hope and a light to all I encounter. I by faith take the shield of faith! Please help me to always be ready and on guard for Satan's fiery darts of doubt, denial and deceit so that I will not be vulnerable to spiritual defeat. I by faith put on the helmet of salvation! Please help me to always stay focused on You so Satan will not have a stronghold on my thoughts. I by faith take the sword of the spirit! May the two edged sword of Your Holy, precious and inspired Word be always ready in my hands so I can expose the tempting words of Satan. By faith Your child by adoption Your bond-servant Your warrior has put on Your whole armor. I am ready to live in spiritual victory! I also ask please continually for the rest of my days fill me with Your Holy Spirit and with unction and with Your wisdom and Your understanding. Please help me to live one day at a time and one moment at a time. Please help me to always hold up every teaching and all I hear to the light of Your Holy, precious and inspired Word so that I will not be deceived. I ask please bring the biggest revival possible to this whole entire world and please for the sake of Your Name make sure that Your Gospel is spread to all throughout the whole entire earth. Please help me to always be a light of the world and salt of the earth. I ask please continually fill me with faith, hope and love all of my days. I ask please continually fill me with joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, patience and self-control all of my days. Please help me to never fear any man or any thing but to only always fear You. Please help me to always obey all of Your commands all of my days. Please help me to love You my GOD with all my heart, soul, mind, strength and spirit and please help me to love my neighbor as myself all the rest of my days. Please cleanse and purify me from all sin and evil. Please take my sins, cleanse my lips here I am please use me. Please help me to always worship You in spirit and in truth all of my days. Please help me to continually read Your Holy, precious and anointed Word, to always come to You in prayer about everything and to always be in Church. Please keep me always humble and contrite. Please help me to always submit to Your authority. Please help me to always remember all my days that You are GOD, Lord, Savior, King of kings, Lord of lords, Father, Creator of Heaven and earth, love, good, rock, unchanging, perfect, holy, all seeing, all knowing, omnipresent, omnipotent, Almighty, the way, the truth, the light, faithful, righteous, just, unending, the alpha and omega, eternal, infinite, self-existent, self-sufficient, gracious, merciful, sovereign, encourager, longevity, pure, right, guide, peace, joy, comfort, counselor, ruler of rulers, leader of leaders, healer, redeemer, shield, provider and in control always in everything. You GOD when I fall You pick me up, when I fail You forgive, when I am weak You are strong, when I am lost You are the way, when I am afraid You are my courage, when I stumble You steady me, when I am hurt You heal me, when I am broken You mend me, when I am blind You lead me, when I am hungry You feed me, when I face trials You are with me, when I face persecution You shield me, when I face problems You comfort me, when I face loss You provide for me and when I face death You carry me Home. You have given me Your Holy, precious, inspired and anointed Word the Bible. The Bible contains Your mind, the state of man, the way of salvation, the doom of sinners and the happiness of believers, light to direct me, food to support me and comfort to cheer me. The Bible is the traveler's map, the pilgrims staff, the soldiers sword and the Christians character.  The Bibles doctrines are holy and its precepts are binding. The Bibles history is true and its decisions are immutable. Please help me to read the Bible to be wise, to believe it to be safe and to practice it to be holy. The Bible is paradise restored, Heaven opened and the gates of Hell disclosed, Christ is its object, my good is its design and Your glory is its end. Please make sure the Bible fills my memory, rules my heart and guides my feet all of my days. Please help me to always read the Bible slowly, frequently and prayerfully all of my days. The Bible is a mine of wealth, a paradise of glory and a river of pleasure. It is a gift to me and it will be opened on the day of judgement and it will be remembered forever. The Bible involves the highest responsibility, will reward the greatest labor and will condemn all who trifle with its sacred contents. You Jesus are wonderful for You had no servants but yet they called You Master, had no degree yet You were called Teacher, had no medicines yet they called You healer, had no army yet kings feared You, You won no military battles yet conquered the world, You committed no crime yet You were crucified and You were buried in a tomb and yet live today. GOD You are the architect of the universe and manager of all times. You always were, always are and always will be. Jesus You were bruised yet brought healing, pierced and eased pain, persecuted and brought freedom, was dead and brought life, risen and brings power, reigns and brings peace. The world can't understand You, the armies can't defeat You, the schools can't explain You, the leaders can't ignore You, Herod couldn't kill You, the Pharisees couldn't confuse You, the people couldn't hold You, Nero couldn't crush You, Hitler couldn't silence You, the New Age can't replace You and Oprah can't explain You away. I Your child by adoption, Your bond-servant and Your warrior now ask and pray all this in Jesus Holy, precious, anointed and powerful name. Amen. 

 Now if your not a Christian and you wanna be here is a suggested prayer to become a Christian. 
Dear GOD I come to You as a sinner. I have sinned in thought, word and deed. I am not worthy to be called Your child I have sinned against You. I plead the blood of Jesus on me and ask forgiveness for all my sins in past, present and future. I claim Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. Thank You for hearing me and cleansing me of my sins. In Jesus name I pray amen. 

Happy new year! GOD bless you. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lets take a trip...

We are about to go on a trip. We are going to go to Hell and then to Heaven and we will meet people in both places and interview them. You ready?? Lets go... 

We are now in Hell in the land of eternal flame and eternal darkness but don't worry I brought a flashlight and a fan. We  will go and visit some of the people here. We can't visit them all as Hell is to big to do that and its growing every day. We come to a cell and the soul here is just a skeleton. There are holes where eyes are supposed to be. They are moaning in anguish. We walk up to their cell and they shout out in a male voice "who's there!?" They are blind. When in Hell if you are blind on earth you are blind in Hell. I ask them "who are you??" They respond "my name is Henry. In life I was an Atheist. I refused to acknowledge GOD because I couldn't see. I knew He was there but I was angry and blamed Him for my blindness and now I am here. I wish for death to come but it never does. My prayers are not heard here. There is no hope in this place of torment. There is no comfort here...." We leave their cell and go to the next one. In this cell we see a young woman rocking back and forth in a rocking chair moaning and crying. Suddenly she morphs from a young woman into a middle aged woman and then to an old woman and then back into a young woman. I ask her who she is. She responds "my name is Isabella. In life I was a practicing Wiccan. I learned all sorts of magic. Satan promised me half his kingdom if I served him and practiced magic and so I believed him. I could float in mid air. I could as you just saw morph from young to middle aged to old whenever I wanted but I can't control it here. I liked the control I had and liked that I could astound people with my magic. Then one day I came here and I was thrown at Satan's feet. I got up and I demanded half this kingdom like he promised me. So he brought me to this cell and threw me in here and locked me up and said this was as much of his kingdom as I would ever have and laughed at me. Every once in a while he comes here to torture me for his pleasure...." We leave her cell and we come to the next one and the soul here is weeping in despair. I ask them who they are. They respond "my name is Ellen. In life I was a homosexual and would not come to GOD because GOD said in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin. I refused to believe that and called it love. I thought all I had to do was be a good person. I gave to many charities. But I was wrong and now I am here constantly wishing for a death that never comes..." We leave them and we go to the next cell. And this soul keeps saying out loud "why why why why??" I ask them who they are. They respond "my name is Steve. In life I was given the Gospel many times by many Christian friends and family. I even went to Church a couple of times. But I kept saying that I would decide to follow Jesus later or tomorrow. After all I thought there would always be a tomorrow to decide. Then one day I went out for a drive and another car came out of no where fast and it hit me right on. I was killed instantly and then I was here. There is no more tomorrow for me. There is no hope for me. Not deciding was deciding..." We leave this cell block and we come out to an open field and in the middle of it is a coffin. The soul in the coffin is screaming and begging to be let out and for mercy. I ask them who they are. They respond "my name is Roger. In life GOD called me to be a Pastor but I said no. I wanted fancy cars and homes instead. I had all sorts of fancy clothes and lots of money. I wanted to enjoy what life had to offer. Then one day I came here. And I begged Satan for mercy and asked him to let me go to Heaven and that I was supposed to be a Pastor. A whole bunch of demons suddenly swarmed me and chained me and brought me here and locked me in this coffin and I can't get out. They get spears and jab me with them. I am in constant pain and fear..." We leave him and come to a big arena where Satan and demons and minions are. They drag a soul in chains into this arena. This soul is then tortured for pleasure and made to worship Satan. Then this soul is dragged back to their cell and locked away. We go to their cell and I ask who they are. They respond "my name Robert. In life I was a devil worshiper. I worshiped the devil cause he promised me if I did he would give me half his kingdom. I believed him and I sacraficed my children to him and worshiped him. Then one day I came here and I demanded what he promised me. So I was locked in a cell and every once in a while I am taken out to the arena to be tortured and made to worship him and he laughs at me...." These are the souls in Hell. There are many here and there will be more. Hell is growing every day. We must spread the Gospel and pray others will come to Christ so that instead of eternal punishment they will have eternal life. Hell is a real place and souls do really go there are punished for an eternity. One day at the end of time these souls will be thrown into the lake of fire forever. We were never meant to go to Hell and GOD does not want us to go there. Hell was just for the devil and demons and minions. But you will go there if you reject GOD and not accept His gift of salvation. The time to decide this is now because you may not have a tomorrow to decide. Your next breath is not even guaranteed to you.... Now we will go to Heaven and interview people there. 
We are now in Heaven surrounded by glorious light and by wonderful music of all sorts of worship songs all sung as one song. There are many sorts of animals here and there are trees and flowers and those flowers look like they may be singing. Suddenly we see an angel carrying a little tiny light and I ask them what the light is. The angel responds "this is the soul of a baby who has just been aborted. Come and see what GOD will do." So we go with the angel and the soul is presented to GOD and GOD makes that soul into a little girl named Suzie. The angel says "if Suzie's parents repent of their sins and accept the gift of salvation they will meet Suzie here in Heaven. This also goes for the babies who have been miscarried."  We see someone in the distance and we go up to them and are greeted with a hug. I ask who they are. They respond "my name is Harold. While on earth GOD called me to be a Pastor. I never felt worthy for such a calling but I accepted it. I preached the Gospel and I prayed cause I knew that without GOD workin with me none would come to Christ." I interrupted them "some in my audience wanna know what you did to get here to Heaven. They assume you must have done something really good to come here. Please share how you got here." Harold nodded and replied "I did nothing. Nothing I did got me here. I am not good enough for Heaven. I came to Heaven cause I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I got here on the basis of what Christ did and not what I did and all who repent and believe will come here to and live in happiness for an eternity." ..... We now end our trip. If you never heard the Gospel here it is.... Jesus Christ GOD's only begotten Son came here to earth as fully man and fully GOD. Jesus was born of a virgin and grew up and was baptized. After being baptized the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus in the form of dove and He was lead by the Spirit into the wilderness where He was tempted. After facing and saying no temptation by use of Scriptures Jesus went out and preached to people about who He is. Jesus did many miracles and was arrested one night. During the trial Jesus was beaten, spat on and mocked. Then Jesus was whipped and sentenced to death on the cross. Jesus was nailed to a cross and was mocked and ridiculed by many. Finally Jesus died and was buried. After three days Jesus rose again just as He said He would. Jesus then commanded us to go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the Name of the Father the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything Jesus commanded. Jesus Christ is now alive and in Heaven sitting at the right hand of the Father... Jesus took our punishment for us. While on the cross He was separated from the Heavenly Father and cried out "My GOD My GOD why have You forsaken Me!?" Jesus was separated from the Father so we wouldn't have to be. Jesus prayer there was not heard so that ours would be. Jesus was yelled at so we wouldn't be. The full price of our sins was paid in full by Jesus Christ. Those who are in Hell are their by their own choice and each soul knows why they are there. We can't earn Heaven nor do we deserve it. Every single one of us have gone astray and have sinned. Some of you will say you have no proof and if you had proof then you would believe. If you don't believe in the law and the prophets then you won't believe if someone were raised from the dead. And Someone was raised from the dead. And there is plenty of proof for GOD. All are without excuse for GOD has revealed Himself to everyone. Some of you may claim you have not sinned and are a good person cause after all you haven't murdered anyone or anything big like that. The Bible says no one is good not even one. Jesus said Himself that no one is good except for GOD alone. And GOD views all sins as just as bad. No sin to GOD is less bad or more bad then the others.... The choice is yours to make. If you haven't received Jesus Christ yet as your Lord and Savior please say the following prayer. "Dear GOD I am a sinner. I ask forgiveness of my sins and claim Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.  I believe that Jesus Christ died for me on the cross and after three days rose from the dead. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit. In Jesus name I pray amen." If you just received Jesus as your Lord and Savior congratulations! There is now a celebration in Heaven because you came to Christ... If your still not saved I ask you again please accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior before its to late..... GOD bless you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Death Part 2

Ok Halloween is on the way. So here are some gruesome jokes so here they are and I hope you enjoy my morbid humor....

Funny Funeral Home Slogans 

You stab em we slab em
We're dying to help you out
People are dying to come to us
We make you look good cause GOD don't like ugly
You shouldn't be caught dead anywhere else
Had a heart attack?? We have a casket for that
You kill em we seal em
Bury your problems with us
Everyone is dying to have a funeral here
We put the fun in funeral
Garbage collectors don't die they just kick the can
Can you trust us?? Of corpse you can
Your pockets won't hurt when we put you in the dirt
There dead spread the bread
Kids coffins drown three get one free ask for the Andrea Yates special
When death calls put us on three way
We're dead serious about our business
When your organs stop ours start playing
Your loss is our gain
You kill em we chill em
You kill em we grill em
Ashes to ashes dust to dust please have your funeral with us
Let us be your soul provider for a funeral
What happens in the embalming room stays in the embalming room
You drop dead we drop dirt
Hit em with a clock we put em in a box
Drive carefully we'll wait
Text and drive to get an appointment early here
Discounts to die for
We're just dying to meet you
Service you'd die for
We think outside the box
People would kill to have a funeral here
Stop by and check out our dead low prices
Let us urn your business
We got the dirt on everyone - eventually
A foot deeper and a dollar cheaper
Repeat customers are half off
A once in a lifetime service
Coffins so nice, you'll wanna die twice
Our parlors are drop dead gorgeous 
We deliver to a higher authority 
We make a rigorious pursuit of our business
Give us cash we turn you into ash
Our offers never expire
You don't need an engraved invitation to have a funeral here
You'll be coffin up money to have a funeral here

Funny epitaphs 

I guess I really was sick
Don't make me come back! 
Step on my grave and I'll haunt you
Here lies my ex they rest in peace and so do I 
I was here but now I'm gone I've left this inscription to turn you on not real colorful not much flash if you don't like it well its my epitaph 
I told you I was sick! 
Here lies the body of Jonathan Blake stepped on the gas instead of the brake 
Here lies Johnny Yeast pardon me for not rising 
Here lies an athiest all dressed up and no place to go 
Here lies an agnostic and I dunno where I'll go 
I said my feet were killing me but no one believed me
Here lies a man named Blake he was bitten by his own pet snake 
Here lies Roger Black chocked to death on his favorite snack 
Here lies a man named Jim who went in the lake but couldn't swim 
This will be you one day
Here lies Molly Snare who went in the woods and got ate by a bear 
Here lies Ronald Park who made a tasty meal for a hungry shark 
Here lies Mr.Jones once was alive now a bag of bones 
You may be alive, but I'm still better looking (<--- Simon Cowell's future epitaph) 
In the earth shall I be but keep off the grass and stop walking on me! 
Here lies Brandy Star went out one day and got hit by a car 
What are you lookin at?? 
Don't read this epitaph or you'll die
Died from not forwarding that chain mail to ten people
I listened to a comedian and died of laughter 
I was Fred but now I'm dead 
Here lies Edward Hyde we laid him here cause he died 

Well that's it. I hope those made you die of laughter. I think I shall make a killing of those jokes. Happy Halloween! 

Friday, October 12, 2012


Death has been on my brain lately. I feel GOD wants me to blog about it so I will... Many in this world are afraid of death cause many think of it as the final word. Many believe that after you die then that's it no more you poof gone. This is why people won't talk about it or when in a graveyard they'll start talking about something or whistle cause death makes them uncomfortable. Many people don't wanna think about death or talk about it. But we Christians are a tad bit different. Christians are not afraid of death. As Paul said "for to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain" Philippians 1:21 NIV.  I think Christians should have death on their minds and to keep it in mind as much as possible. Yes as Christians we don't face a spiritual death thanks to Jesus. But we still must sooner or later face a physical death unless the rapture happens before we die. And as Christians we are supposed to die to ourselves. I think it would be healthy for Christians to visit cemeteries and remember that the people buried there once walked on the earth. They are someone whom GOD loved. I think Christians should go to cemeteries and remember that someday unless the rapture happens first they will end up there as well and to think of how they wanna be remembered. How do you wanna be remembered?? This is an important question and those of the world would wanna be remembered for being the best drinker, the most fun at parties, had the most money, had the most cars, had the best clothes, had the best homes etc. I would want people to remember me and say "you could see Christ in her. Even when times were tough on her you could see the joy of Christ in her. She was so close to GOD and she loved Him very much. She lead so many to Christ." That's how I wanna be remembered. Please comment on this blog and share please on how you wanna be remembered. Have you ever made your will?? If not then why not?? We all seem to think that we won't die until we are 100 and so we put off thinking of writing out a will until we are older. We seem to think we have all the time in the world but truth is we don't. None of us know when death will come. For all you know you could go out and in five minutes be hit by a car and die. It could happen at anytime anywhere. This is another reason why I think Christians should think on death as we take life for granted. We always seem to think there will always be tomorrow. Well one day there won't be a tomorrow. Your next breath isn't even guaranteed to you. Lets say that you knew right now that tomorrow you will die at noon for sure and you wanted to write a personal letter from you to everyone you know. What would you write in those letters?? What would you say to those people?? How would you act differently if you knew that for sure you would die tomorrow at noon?? Instead of waiting till you know your gonna die why not say and do those things now?? Because as I said before it could come at anytime. Why don't you write those letters now?? Go ahead write a personal letter from yourself to each person you know and tell them how you really feel as if you know that you will die tomorrow at noon. Then when your done your letter go ahead and give it to them and instead of being in Heaven not knowing how they feel about what you have to say you'll get to find out and you may even become closer then you ever thought you could be..... King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 7:2-4 said "It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart. Sorrow is better then laughter, because a sad is good for the heart. The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning, but the heart of fools is in the house of pleasure" NIV. I think King Solomon said this is because at funerals we really think of death and we take things and people less for granted for a little while. For Christians though death is not the final word because we go to Heaven and I think every Christian also needs to think of Heaven alot. It is good to think of Heaven and wonder what its like there, what it would be like to actually see GOD, what it would be like to touch the face of GOD etc. So my reasons why Christians should think of death often are. 1. Because we will face a physical death sooner or later unless rapture happens first. 2. Because we are supposed to be dying to ourselves. 3. To think of how they wanna be remembered. 4. To take things and people less for granted. 5. Because it is good to think of Heaven. I wanna add one more reason and this is to remember the unsaved and keep them in prayer because those unsaved face an eternal death where the fire never goes out. Their souls will perish unless they turn to Jesus to be saved and they might not have a tomorrow for you to wait and pray for em then. Pray for em now while there's still time.... I found a song online that I think goes well with this blog. It's Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw here's the link to it please listen and enjoy. Please also write those letters and tell people how you really feel about em now before its to late. You might not get another chance to do that. If your shy then pray and ask GOD to help you put your shy in a box before you end up in a box and write those letters and give them to the people you wrote em to... GOD bless you 

Friday, September 14, 2012


I been thinking about Spiritual gifts lately and there are a lot of them. There is wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discernment, tongues, interpretation of tongues, teaching, service, exhortation, giving, mercy, administration, helps, evangelism, pastor, prayer warrior, celibacy, hospitality and missionary. There are twenty-two Spiritual gifts. I'm just gonna focus on two though. I will do other blogs about the other gifts but two of them seem to be on my heart to talk about. They are the gifts of service and helps. Not many Christian's seem to say "I'm praying so I will be gifted in service and/or helps." The reason why is these gifts are used by people behind the scenes. No one really thanks them for their job. The people who are gifted in service or helps are the people who vacuum, dust, wipe counters, stack chairs, put tables away, mop, sweep, file away things, trim trees, direct traffic in the Church parking lot, get coffee ready, cook, scrub toilets and other things like those. Well those things don't sound exactly appealing do they?? Who really wants to scrub toilets or trim trees?? They don't seem like the kind of things that give glory to GOD do they?? That's probably because no one thanks them. When was the last time you thanked someone for trimming the trees or scrubbing the toilets?? Or when was the last time you came home from Church and  prayed and thanked GOD for the person who vacuumed or dusted or stacked chairs?? Who maybe went to chat with a fellow Christian and said something like "Wow I was so Spiritually stirred by whoever mopped the floor." Or when was the last time you heard a  Christian say "I feel Spiritually lead to wipe off counters." Well way back when Jesus was walking around in Jerusalem there was this religious group called the Pharisees and well did they ever look good on the outside. They prayed long and big prayers out loud in front of everyone, you could see when they fasted, they had the best seats, they had the best clothes, they could quote Scripture for memory,  they went to the best Bible schools and had the best Bible teaching, everyone looked up to them, everyone went to them for advice and they knew every rule and law there was for memory. Jesus said though they had their payment in full. You see all they wanted was praise from people and well they got it. Many people did praise them and think highly of them so they got what they wanted. But the only One Whom they didn't seek praise from was from GOD and He wasn't exactly impressed. Well seems to me that if you seek only human praise then that's what you get and GOD ain't gonna do any praisin but then it should be that when you don't seek any praise and your that person behind the scenes workin for GOD well then seems GOD is gonna brag up on ya in Heaven. Not that the people who use other gifts don't get praise from GOD because they do. Seems to me though Christians don't think that scrubbing toilets give GOD glory. Really?? Well if that toilet was never scrubbed or cleaned ever at all then the Church would get very unsanitary and very smelly. Who can worship GOD when the bathroom stinks?? If the gardening at the Church was never done there would be weeds everywhere, trees growing very wide and would block people while driving and it would be unsafe, every bug would be hangin around and hard to worship when your swatting flies. If the chairs never got stacked they'd gather dust and get in the way of activities during the week. If dusting never got done people would always be sneezing during services and it would be very gross and not healthy to breathe in. If the floor was never mopped or swept or vacuumed then it would get very unsanitary and who wants to study a Bible in a place where there is cobwebs and who knows what else on the floor?? See we need people to do those jobs as without them we can't worship or have fellowship together or anything. So they do give glory to GOD as they taking care of His Church which He died for. So I encourage you to spend some time in prayer thinking of ways on how you can serve in your Church and then spend some time in prayer thanking GOD for those who do the dirty jobs that no one else wants to do and also thank the ones who do it just go up to em and say thank you. Serving really I think is the best gift and why because Jesus was the first to serve and so if you serve then your being just like Jesus. How cool is that!? GOD gave ya sweat glands so ya might as well use em and if people complain ya smell just remember that you only smell bad to those who got nothin better to do then stick their noses in the air. To GOD its the best scent as its the scent of serving Him and to Him that's like smelling a lovely rose. Even if your a young child you can still serve by obeying your parents, cleaning your room without being told and praying for others. Prayer is the biggest and best service you can do for someone else. And when you serve don't do it with a scowl on your face. Do it in joy and happiness cause when you serve the One you are really serving is GOD. So please serve someone else. GOD bless you.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jesus and the devil have a chat

It was before the Creation of everything and Jesus and the devil were having a chat. Jesus said to the devil "I will make a planet called Earth and I will put on it many people who I will design to have fellowship with Me and I will create them in My image. I will love them and take care of them and will have a relationship with each of them." The devil raised an eyebrow "really??" Jesus nodded "yes and I will give them free will. I will plant a tree which I will tell them not to eat from and so their relationship with Me will be a choice." The devil smirked "Well then I will take them from You." Jesus replied "you will not force them away." The devil "fine. I will tempt them then. Turn the truth around and lead them away from You. Then once they fall I will harden their hearts against You. They will then have a sinful nature and will not be able to help themselves but be slaves to sin. They will sin in thought, word and deed and they will be mine." Jesus turned to the devil and asked "how much do you want for them??" The devil was stunned "what?? You can't be serious. They will constantly turn their backs on You. Even if You redeemed them they will still make mistakes they will never be perfect. They will always have hurts, habits and hang-ups for as long as they live." Jesus nodded "I know and I am very serious. How much do you want for them?? Answer Me." The devil thought for a moment and then thought of what he thought was the perfect price. He thought for sure Jesus wouldn't do it so he said "the price will be Your life for theirs, You will have to be beaten and mocked and whipped and killed and have all their sins past, present and future put on You and have Your Father turn His back on You. That's the price." Jesus "fine. Once I pay it then I will give them new hearts that will turn towards Me and they will be adopted by the Father and I will have a relationship with them." The devil "I won't make it easy for You. They will whine and will constantly need help. I will always tempt them and I will make it very hard for them to follow You. I will surround them with death and sin so they will question You." Jesus then said "you will not give them more then they can bare and it won't be like that forever. They will have a physical death and then come and live with Me forever in paradise. Plus My Father will declare a time when you will go to eternal fire along with your followers forever never to tempt again and their will be no more sin or death or pain forever and My children will be with Me forever and I will forever love them." ..... The end.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

To Bill Nye The Science Guy

I was watching CBS this morning and saw Bill Nye say that we shouldn't teach kids creation but teach them evolution. To see all he said please click the following link . Well Mr.Bill Nye you got a few things wrong. First off the very first scientists were Christian. Don't believe me?? Well here are a few links that support this claim. , , ,  , and . There are way more those are just a sample few who support the claim that the very first scientists were Christian. There also books that support this claim and the claim that you can be a Christian and a scientist at the same time. These books are Science And Health Third Edition 1881 by Mary Glover Eddy, Christian Science Its Clear Correct Teaching One Volume by Herbert W. Eustace, Lectures And Articles On Christian Science by Edward A. Kimball, Compendium For The Study Of Christian Science No.9:Truth by Max Kappeler, Compendium For The Study Of Christian Science No.2: The Seven Days Of Creation by Max Kappeler, Compendium For The Study Of Christian Science No.4 Mind by Max Kappeler, Compendium For The Study Of Christian Science No.5 Spirit by Max Kappeler, Introduction To The Science Of Christian Science by Kathleen Lee and Max Kappeler, Compendium For The Study Of Christian Science No.8 Life by Max Kappeler, The Exchange Of Truth: Liberating The World From The Lie Of Evolution by David Shormann, A Century Of Christian Science Healing 1866 - 1966 by the Christian Science Board Of Directors and there are many others again that's just a sample of the books the support the claims that the first scientists were Christian and that you can be a scientist and Christian at the same time. Here are some links to support the claim that you can be a scientist and Christian in this day and age , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,  and again this is just a sample there are dozens more links that support the claim that you can be a Christian and a scientist in this day and age. Also evolution is wrong and there is proof of this. Don't believe me?? Ever seen snow under a microscope?? Every snowflake is different no two are like. With Zebra's each has a different stripe pattern no two are alike. Ever seen the designs of butterflies?? No two are alike. No two human beings are alike. Oh sure we have twins and triplets and so forth but still each human being is unique. No one will ever think exactly like you, feel exactly like you, experience things the exact way you do, see things the exact way you do, perceive things the exact way you do,  think like you do, laugh like you, sing like you, dance like you, walk like you, talk like you, learn like you and so much more. Your telling me all that is just an accident?? That all that just happened to be that way?? Do you not see how ridiculous that is?? Take the tree if something harms it the tree can heal itself. When it rains the water in the ground goes up in the tree. Since when does water go up all by itself?? Still sure that evolution is true?? How can you be so sure?? After all scientists have been wrong before. There was a time when scientists thought and believed that we lived on the back of a giant turtle and that when the earth moved the turtle moved, that scientists were convinced the earth was flat, when scientists believed that the atom was the smallest thing until they opened up and discovered smaller things. Are you so arrogant and stubborn to not think that maybe just maybe evolution is wrong?? Still not convinced?? Even Darwin himself admitted that he was wrong. Don't believe me?? Here are some links that support the claim of Darwin admitting he was wrong , , ,  and there are more again that's just a sample. Still not convinced?? Birds prove that natural selection is wrong and so do many other animals and insects. If a bird wing evolved then at first it would have been to small to fly with and would have had no use. So why would the bird go any further and then fly?? Why would the bird continue for millions of generations improving a wing that's useless?? Not like birds can see into the future or reason like we can that maybe someday it maybe useful. Species without a link prove evolution is wrong. Many species have no link at all and so scientists make up species to fill in the gaps. Single cell complexity proves evolution is wrong. The most modern laboratory is unable to create a living cell. Human egg and sperm proves evolution is wrong. How on earth would an egg or sperm go inside a human all by itself without mistaking female for male or male for female?? How would the sperm know all by itself to fertilize the egg and know how to do that?? How would the egg know all by itself how to work with the sperm in order to be a child?? How does the heart keep beating and know to keep doing that all by itself?? How do cells know how to reproduce all by themselves?? How does DNA find problems and fix them all by itself?? How does the brain retain knowledge and get the body to do many functions all by itself?? If evolution is true then how come when I visit the zoo I never see a monkey suddenly turn into a human?? If evolution were true it would keep happening and it doesn't. I never seen anything evolve into anything else live have you?? You ever seen something turn into something else in front of your eyes?? I haven't. And yet life is being created every day. Creation keeps happening cause its true. You secular scientists say the earth got here by a big bang. What caused the bang?? Why did the bang happen?? Why should the bang happen?? If evolution is true then life is meaningless. Whats the point in living if after all in the end your just gonna die and then that's it no more you?? Its all chasing after wind. There is no point in living if evolution is true. Why have a job?? Why get married?? Why have children if it all means nothing?? If its all an accident then why are you you?? Why isn't someone else you?? If its an accident then whats the point in life?? Whats the point in you being here?? Why were you born?? If evolution is true then your an accident you have no purpose at all and you will go about life for no reason whatsoever and then you will die and then no more you. You'll just be dead no bells or whistles no parades no trumpets you'll just be dead. If evolution is true then your basically dead anyways. Just milling about without cause or direction after all why have direction?? If evolution is true then why try and find a meaning to life?? Why do we bother trying to be a good person?? After all if evolution is true then there is no GOD to judge you so why bother being good?? If there is no GOD why do we even have laws?? How do we know right from wrong?? Without GOD who is to say what is right or wrong?? Without GOD why bother being a good person?? What would be the point in that?? Why not steal, lie, murder and do whatever we want if there is no GOD to answer to?? You say those things are wrong well why?? If there's no GOD then why are those things wrong and who said they were wrong?? Who decided those things were bad or wrong?? You know when you have done wrong you may have heard a little voice tell you that something isn't a good idea or maybe you just had a gut feeling that it wasn't right. Well if there is no GOD then why do you hear that or have that gut instinct?? What would be the point?? Why bother evolving a little voice or gut instinct to tell you right from wrong if there is no GOD to judge you?? Without GOD how do we know that stealing, lying, murder and other things are wrong?? Without GOD well maybe those are good things?? Who's to say there not good if there is no GOD?? Who has any right at all to judge right from wrong?? From bad from good?? Without GOD how do we define whats right or wrong or whats good or bad?? Without GOD there is no such thing as good or bad. Infinite good has to exist first before you can say whats bad. Gotta have something good to compare what things are bad to. Gotta be able to tell the difference somehow. How do we do that if there is no GOD?? You say Bill Nye that your not attacking religion. Well yes actually you are and your attacking the One in charge as well. You say not to tell children of creation. Ok ya lets tell every kid that their an accident, life has no meaning or purpose and that sooner or later they'll just die and not exist anymore. See how well that goes. While your at it don't tell the kids what to do don't punish em anymore cause after all with no GOD there is no good or bad so no point in punishing them might as well let them run wild and do whatever they want. To say evolution is right is to say there's no GOD and that is attacking religion Bill Nye like or not that's the way it is. Humans did not come from some dumb pond we are created and created in the image of GOD. Don't believe me?? Well to be in the image of GOD means we resemble Him in some way like the way we resemble our parents. We may look a bit like them or have there same humor or whatever but we are not a carbon copy of our parents. Ok so how do we resemble GOD?? Remember I say resemble we are not carbon copies of GOD. So we are only like Him a little bit. So first is GOD is infinitely good. Alright well we do some good things. We give to charity, we help the homeless, we help the old lady across the street and stuff like that so we do good things. We ourselves are not good but are capable of doing some good acts so that's how we resemble GOD's goodness. Next is GOD is infinitely beautiful and not just externally. Ok well some of us externally look pretty nice and are not to hard on the eyes lol. Naw we are all beautiful in our own ways and not just on the outside. Like Mother Therese we all know had a beautiful soul and that's how we resemble GOD's beauty. Next is GOD is infinitely caring. Ok well we do care about one another's  well being and well fare. We care about our families and friends and pets. That's how we resemble GOD's caring. Next is GOD is infinitely forgiving. Well we do forgive one another and we can move on from past hurts and that's how we resemble GOD's forgiving. Next is GOD is infinitely faithful. Well you ever had a bff aka best friend forever?? You ever had a friend who was as loyal as a dog?? Seemed like no matter what you did you couldn't get rid of em. Or maybe your one of those people who just hang on no matter what cause that's what friends and family do. Well that's how we resemble GOD's faithfulness. Next is GOD is infinitely friendly. Well we have all had a friend at least once in our lives so we are friendly and that's how we resemble GOD's friendliness. Next is GOD is infinitely just. Well we do have a court system and we have some fair judges out there. We do like fairness and will fight for equality. Well that's how we resemble GOD's justness. Next is GOD is infinitely loving. Well we do love our families, our friends and our pets. We even love ourselves. That's how we resemble GOD's lovingness. Next is GOD is protective. Well we can be very protective of our family, friends and pets. We will even die to protect others. That's how we resemble GOD's protectiveness. Next is GOD is infinitely trustworthy. Well some of us can keep secrets and we know who we can trust to keep our secrets. When our children grow we trust them with more responsibility.  We can be trusted to not steal when working in the bank, not tell secrets while working for the FBI, not to be a traitor when in the army or navy or marines and other things like those. That's how we resemble GOD's trustworthyness. Next is GOD is infinitely understanding. Well we can understand one another to a point. Especially if we have been through what someone else has. That's how we resemble GOD's understanding. There are dozens more that's just a sample of how we resemble GOD and are made in GOD's image. We can't be or do any of that if we are just accidents its impossible. We can't evolve characters like those its impossible. Why even bother having those characters with no GOD to judge us?? Why be thankful if there is no GOD to thank for everything?? Why do you even complain if there is no GOD to complain to?? In order for us to complain there has to be something wrong. Ok well if evolution is true then wrong has always been around so if that's true then wouldn't we be used to it by now?? If there is no GOD then who told the earth to be round?? Who set the boundaries for the waters?? Who set the time for the sun to go down and the sun to come up?? Who decided on how far away the sun and moon are?? Who decided on how hot the sun is?? Who decided on the seasons and when they come?? Who decides on when it rains and how long it rains?? Who decides on how cold it has to be for ice and snow?? Who decided on where there are mountains, volcanoes and rivers?? Who decided to call it night or day?? Who laid the earths foundation?? Who marked off the dimensions of the earth?? Who put the limits on the clouds and decided how much rain they can hold?? Who decided on weather we get hail or snow?? Who decides on which direction the wind blows or what temperature it is?? How did the constellations get there without GOD?? Why should the stars make themselves into designs?? Who put the stars in place?? Who decided where the black holes should be?? Who decides on when stars are born and when they die?? Who decides on our lifespan?? Who gives orders to our DNA?? Who told the earth how fast to revolve?? Who is responsible for everything?? Tell me if you know.... This creation demands a Creator. The Creator is GOD Almighty. GOD has revealed Himself to us in the Bible. We wouldn't know anything about Him if He didn't. There is coming a time when GOD will judge this earth. You need to decide on if you wanna follow Him or not. You may not have a later in which to decide so now is as good a time as ever. Cause if there is a GOD and there is then He will judge you. Now GOD doesn't wanna punish you. But a price needs to be paid. See the reason why there's wrong around on this earth is people are born with sinful natures. So we sin in thought, word and deed on daily basis constantly we can't help ourselves because its in our nature to sin. And GOD is infinitely holy and pure and good and perfect and just. He has to punish the sin. Payment needs to be made. If GOD didn't punish the sin then there is no such thing as good or bad and we can lie, cheat, steal and murder and other things and it wouldn't matter. In order for there to be no punishment a price has to be paid for sins. The price and punishment of sin is death. Sin has to be killed as there is no other way of getting rid of it. So we not only have to die a natural death but an eternal one as well. Without eternal punishment there is no point to not lying, or cheating, or stealing, or murdering or other things like those. Without eternal punishment we could still do what we wanted and it wouldn't matter. Why eternal?? Well why would we be afraid of it if our punishment was only for a little while and then over?? We wouldn't be and we could still do what we wanted as it still wouldn't matter. We need to realize and know that sin matters. Ok so none of us want eternal punishment. So what do we do?? Well we do nothing as GOD took care of that. See since He's GOD He knew we'd mess up and sin and that we wouldn't be able to help ourselves. And thing is GOD wants a relationship with each and every one of us but can't have one with sin in the way. And GOD loves us so He decided that He wanted a relationship with us so bad and loved us so much He decided on sacrificing His only Son. So when the time was right Father GOD sent His Son Jesus to us and Jesus left all the pleasures of Heaven. See in Heaven Jesus is worshiped all the time non stop and He gets never ending glory, honor and praise. In Heaven there is no sin or death or pain or temptation to deal with. But Jesus decided to leave all that and come down here and be mocked, beaten, spat upon, ridiculed, humiliated, slapped, whipped and murdered. Jesus came and took our punishment and all we deserve. Jesus died so we don't have to, Jesus had His Father turn His back on Him so that the Father can turn to us. The Father can't look at sin that's why He turned away. So why did Jesus do that for us?? He didn't have to. He doesn't need us for company or for anything at all. That is alot to go through He must have had a reason. No one does all that just to see how it feels or for something to do. And it's not like GOD to do things for no reason. He might not tell us His reason but He does have a reason for what He does. Jesus decided to die for our sins and take our punishment because He loves us infinitely. Why does He love us?? Cause that's His character. GOD is love 1 John 4:8 NIV. We didn't earn that because we can't. We surely don't deserve it. We can all admit we have done wrong at some point and time in our lives. That wrong is called sin and the only price and punishment for sin is death which Jesus took care of. And Jesus took care of all of it. All of our past, present and future sins. He didn't forget anything or leave anything undone. So now what?? Now we have a choice between sin,death and the eternal grave or eternal life. If you now want to come to Jesus and a relationship with Him all you gotta do is proclaim that you honestly in the depth of your heart believe that Jesus is your personal Lord and Savior. That you honestly believe in the depth of your heart that Jesus saved you from sin, death and the eternal grave. Just say it out loud and if you can't speak out loud say it in sign language. So as you can see we are not accepted by GOD by anything we think, say or do. The basis of our acceptance with GOD is that Jesus loves us and died for us on the cross. That's it. Once you accept Jesus as Lord and Savior then GOD cancels all of your debt of sin and says your no longer guilty forever. Then once GOD cancels your debt then you become His child by adoption and GOD is your Father. With GOD you will have family, a friend, a counselor, hope, future and more. The choice now is yours to make and no one can make it for you. You can choose between eternal death or eternal life. What will you choose??

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Depression and suicide

This is put in a Christian point of view as I am a Christian. Just thought you should know... Many Christians think that depression is a sin and it's not depression is an illness. King David a man after GOD's own heart had depression and you can see that clearly in most of his Psalms and there is no mention at all of GOD bein mad at him for it. I think if depression were a sin GOD would have told us that in the Bible and no where in the Bible does it say that depression is a sin but that doesn't mean GOD wants you to stay that way forever. I think though even Jesus might have been depressed while on the cross when He cried out "My GOD My GOD why have You forsaken Me!" I dunno for sure but I think maybe He might have been depressed at that moment. I myself have been depressed several times. Depression runs in my family so yes depression can be genetic. My autism as well makes me vulnerable to depression. There are many things that can cause depression such as genetics, disabilities such as autism or bi-polar so if you have a disability and aren't sure if it makes you vulnerable to depression or not please look it up and find out as you need to know, bitterness, a stressful or dead end job, stress, E.D, PMDD, PMS, menopause, postpartum depression, pregnancy, miscarriage,  inability to conceive a child, abortion, having a disabled child, finding out your disabled, finding out your adopted, finding out there's no Santa or Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy, worry, having a pessimistic attitude, surgery before and/or after, self-pity, sudden illness of you or a pet or family member or friend, getting old, certain medications so if you are taking any medications please check them to see if they can cause depression, being resentful, feeling like a failure, abandonment, not making amends, loneliness, rejection, disappointment, divorce, substance abuse, being in or have been in jail, conflict, living in or lived in a broken home, being or have been persecuted, anxiety, financial problems, a broken heart, the loss of a family member or pet or friend, nightmares, sudden catastrophe like losing your home or loss of a job, retirement, post-traumatic stress disorder, loss of someone you pastored or sponsored or counseled or doctored or nursed, relapse in recovery, unforgiveness, sins that you have not confessed and/or repented from, being or have been bullied, physical or emotional or sexual abuse, little or no self-esteem and other things like those. Now please be advised that you could have all those or just one or two but that doesn't mean you will get depression for sure they may cause it or maybe not.  Many people have different reactions when in depression. When I was in depression I went into myself and became very secluded. The things I once loved no longer held any interest to me whatsoever. I no longer cared how I looked and I didn't wanna eat anything. All I wanted to do was curl up in a ball on my bed and stay there. When I was depressed nothing and nobody mattered to me I simply didn't care at all. I felt like I was in a dark lonely place with no way out.  I felt like I was carrying a huge weight as if an anvil had been tied to me. Sometimes I cried and sometimes I didn't. I was also once suicidal now please don't panic I'm no longer suicidal as GOD got me out of that and I'm no longer in that place thanks to Him. Many people when in depression will want to commit suicide as just to feel something else or escape it. When you have been in depression for a long time you will start to yearn and crave happiness and joy but won't find it and you'll do anything to get happiness and joy and many people in depression will fall into the temptation to commit suicide as they think it will take em to where they can escape from it finally and maybe finally feel something different. The signs and symptoms of depression are sadness, loss of interest in things you loved before, thoughts of death or suicide, feelings of guilt, feelings of worthlessness, slowness of speech or thought or activity, trouble concentrating or making decisions, lack of energy, random and sudden changes in either weight loss or weight gain, sleep problems such as insomnia, sudden aches and pains, the feeling of carrying a huge weight, tearfulness, constant worry, dwelling on negative thoughts, relapse in recovery, irritability, anxiety, lack of appetite, retreating into one's own world, no caring for oneself and not doing things such as bathing or brushing your hair or things like those, wanting to always wear comfort clothes such as track pants and hoodies all the time to everywhere, dark circles under the eyes, wanting to wear dark colors all the time, lack of taking care of pets or family members, memory loss, thinking your always alone, loneliness, feeling trapped in depression, feelings of hopelessness, feeling lost, confusion, some do in depression actually get sick alot including maybe getting the cold or the flu alot this is because one's immune system lowers in depression, panic attacks, feeling very tired all the time, agitation, being suddenly aggressive, sudden bursts of anger, acting on dangerous impulses, self-pity, pessimism, stomach problems including nausea and indigestion and heartburn and things like that, headaches, migraines, sudden high or low blood pressure, tightness in the chest, problems breathing, dizziness and lightheadedness. Please be advised that even if you have one or two or even all these signs and symptoms you still may not have depression but if you think you do please consult your doctor immediately. If you are seeing signs and symptoms of depression in yourself please pray, talk to your sponsor/s, talk to your accountability partner/s, pastor/s and if you have a therapist/s please go and talk to them as well and be completely honest with them on how you are feeling do not hold back anything at all. If you can arrange it please get your sponsor/s, accountability partner/s, pastor/s and therapist/s and you all together for a meeting on your depression and talk it all out on things you can and get everyone to pray. I think when someone has depression I think its best to have all there sponsor/s, accountability partner/s, pastor/s and therapist/s all on the same page and all know whats going on and all following the same battle plan against the depression. Depression is not a joke and is not to be taken lightly. When someone is in depression there in real deep pain and the last thing they need is you shrugging it off and saying it doesn't matter or they'll get over it or telling them its a sin. Believe me those things will not help it'll only make things worse. Some people in depression might also need medication to help them out of depression and this is ok to. Some Christians say its wrong to take medication as they think that medication somehow takes GOD out of the picture. Medication doesn't do that at all. GOD can use anything He wants to help or heal a person and if He wants to use medication to heal then He can do that. Depression can come suddenly one day you wake up and your depressed. Depression can also come very slowly bit by bit over time. Usually when someone is in depression something or someone has caused it but not always as it is also genetic if it runs in your family you can get depression for no reason whatsoever. Depression affects 19 million people in the US every year. Those who have been in depression are very likely to experience it again. There is no cure for depression yes it can go away but chances are that someday it will come back. This is not always the case as some do get depression only once and then never again but the chances of that are slim especially if it's genetic. Now as I said before people in depression can experience thoughts of suicide and may try to end their own lives. 30,600 people commit suicide in the US each year. The signs that someone is suicidal are they say life isn't worth living, they say family and friends and pets would be better off without em, they may say things like "next time I'll take enough pills to get the job done right",  "you'll be sorry when I'm gone", "I won't be around much longer", "I can't deal with everything - life's to hard", "I won't be a burden much longer", "nobody understands me - nobody feels the way I do", "There is nothing I can do to make it better", "I'd be better off dead", "I feel like I have no way out", "Your better off without me." They might suddenly get all their affairs in order such as paying off all the bills and mortgage and making a will, suddenly giving away alot of things, signs of planning it such as obtaining a weapon or maybe writing it in a note, may talk alot about harming or killing oneself, may talk alot about death, may be obsessed with death, dramatic mood swings, sudden personality changes, sees no hope for the future, self-loathing or self-hatred, saying goodbye, self-destructive behavior and sudden sense of calm. That sudden sense of calm is usually the last sign to come before someone commits suicide as that usually means they made their decision. There are ways to prevent someone from taking this course of action and here are some of them. Pray for em like you have never prayed before and pray fervently and constantly for em, get em talking about whatever is bothering em, try to get em to journal it out, try to get em to pray about it, let them know you are concerned about them and that you care and that GOD loves them, here are some questions you should ask "when did you begin feeling like this?", "did something happen that made you start feeling this way?". "how can I best support you right now?", "have you thought about getting help?" When talking to someone who is suicidal please be yourself do not put on any act for them whatsoever, make sure you make it clear to them as much as you possibly can that you care for them and are concerned about them and that GOD loves them, listen, be sympathetic, don't judge em please, let them vent on you, let them know as much as you can that they are not alone, let them unload things on you the fact they show upset and anger is actually a good sign its when they show nothing that you need to be more concerned, be patient, be calm and do not react cause if you react chances are they will to and they might react into suicide, be accepting, ask their friends and family members if they know anything at all about this person being suicidal and ask them how long they think they've had these thoughts, look into family history to see if past family members were suicidal as history does tend to repeat itself and being suicidal is also genetic, offer as much hope as possible, be re-assuring, let them know that suicidal feelings are temporary and that it isn't forever, try not to argue with em, avoid saying things like "you have much to live for", "your suicide will hurt your family" and "look on the bright side." Those sentences even though true will tend to set em off. Don't try to fix them, don't give advice, do not justify their suicidal feelings and don't blame yourself if they do commit suicide. If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide here is the suicide hotline 1-800-448-3000 and here is also their website and please also if you are experiencing thoughts of suicide I encourage you please pray  and also contact your sponsor/s, accountability partner/s, pastor/s and therapist/s if you have them and please be 100 percent honest and blunt. If you are experiencing depression here is the depression hotline 1-800-448-3000 and here is their website and please also if you are experiencing depression I encourage you to please pray and also contact your sponsor/s, accountability partner/s, pastor/s and therapist if you have them and please be 100 percent honest and blunt. DO NOT WAIT TO GET HELP IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED OR SUICIDAL. If your depressed and suicidal let me tell you your gonna be ok. This will not last forever. You are not alone. GOD has plans for you and hope and a future and He loves you infinitely. You have value. You have purpose. You are important. I know you feel like the whole world is ending and like there isn't a hope in the world but it isn't true. Please get help you won't regret it. Please do not wait to get help. People on this earth care about you including me. Yes I care and I care cause I been there and I know what its like and I know that with GOD and recovery your gonna be happy and joyful again and this will end. I know that seems impossible to you but I know that it's not. I know you wanna give up but I'm begging you not to. Don't give up fight the good fight and I know your so tired so don't use your own strength lean on GOD and He will help you. Please trust in GOD I did and I'm no longer depressed or suicidal anymore cause of His help. GOD can and will help you cause He does love you. "For GOD so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life" John 3:16 NIV. .... Alright if you feel lead to do so please pray the following prayers or ones like them. "Dear GOD if I ever know someone with depression or is suicidal please use me to help them out. Please comfort those in depression or are suicidal. Please give them hope and Your peace that surpasses all understanding. Please help them experience how much You love them. Please help me let them know that I to care and am concerned. Please help me to not blame myself for their depression or suicide. In Jesus name I pray amen." For those in depression "Dear GOD I am depressed. I feel like the world is ending. I feel alone and in darkness. I feel like there is no help for me. I cry alot. I feel like there is no hope for me. I feel like no one understands me or cares about me. I no longer have any interest in what once brought me joy. I'm in much pain. I feel like this will never end and that there is no way out. Oh please help me GOD. I need You. I need Your help. Please help me to talk to my sponsor/s and accountability partner/s, pastor/s and therapist/s. Please help me to be honest with them and to be blunt. Please help them help me. I need help. I feel lost. Please help me. In Jesus name I pray amen." For those experiencing thoughts of suicide "Dear GOD I wanna die. I wanna give up. I feel like there is no hope for me. I feel like everyone will be better off without me. I feel like no one can help me and no one understands. I wanna escape. I think about it alot. I feel like I have no way out. There is nothing I can do to make it better I feel so helpless. Please help me. I need You. I need Your help. Please help me to talk to my sponsor/s and accountability partner/s, pastor/s and therapist/s. Please help me to be honest with them and blunt. Please help them help me. I need help. Please help me. In Jesus name I pray amen." For those who ever were or are a sponsor or accountability partner or pastor or therapist to someone who committed suicide. "Dear GOD I lost em. I prayed. I did all the right things. But I lost em. I feel guilty and horrible about it. I feel like there was more I should have said or done. I go back in my mind to it to try to think of what I might have missed. Please help me to stop blaming myself. I feel what they did was my responsibility but it isn't. What they did was their choice not mine. Please help me to forgive myself and move on. Please help me to help others in future who are struggling with depression and/or suicide. In Jesus name I pray amen." If you are a sponsor or accountability partner or pastor or therapist chances are you will meet someone with depression and/or is suicidal so here's a prayer for you "Dear GOD whenever I meet someone with depression and/or is suicidal please help me help them. Please help me to not judge them or fix them or give advice. Please help me to listen to them. Please help me to give em hope. Please help me to pray for them fervently and constantly. Please help me to be understanding and accepting. Please give me the words to say. Please give me Your wisdom, understanding and discernment to help them. Please help me also to not blame myself for their depression and/or suicide. Help me to remember that suicide is their choice not mine. In Jesus name I pray amen." ..... Again here is the suicide and depression hotline 1-800-448-3000and here is the website for suicide 
and here is their website for depression 
and again I encourage those struggling with depression and/or suicide please get help right away and do not wait.
GOD bless you
Your sister in Christ
Jenny =^.^= moo

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meeting Jesus In The Park

This story is fictional. None of it happened. Please enjoy...

I was taking a walk one day through a park I had been to many times before. I felt bleh. Everything felt boring to me. Same ole same ole. Nothing was exciting anymore. So I walked though the park and sitting on a park bench was Jesus. I couldn't believe it! I did a double take. He was still there. I rubbed my eyes. He was still there. My jaw dropped. I wasn't expecting to see Jesus on my walk. But there He was sitting on a park bench. I wasn't sure what to do. Should I say hello?? Should I just walk by?? Would He want me to bow or curtsy or lay on the ground before Him?? So I just stood there wondering what to do when He turned and looked at me. He smiled at me and said "Hello Jenny. Out for your walk??" I just nodded. Jesus said "Oh its a fine day for a walk." I then asked "may I sit next to You or is that not ok??" I'm not even sure why I asked that. Jesus replied "yes of course its ok come and sit next to me." So I walked over and sat beside Him and I stared at Him still finding it hard to believe that I could actually see Him sitting there. Finally I said "is it ok if I asked You how You are??" Jesus chuckled "of course that's ok. Why wouldn't
that be ok??" "well.." I replied "its just that in the Bible You said if You were hungry You wouldn't tell us cause everything on earth is Yours. So I just thought maybe You wouldn't tell me if You were mad or sad either cause I can't comfort You or solve Your problems."Jesus nodded "Well it is true the whole earth and everything in it, above it and under it belongs to Me. You may ask Me how I am though as I still may decide on sharing how I feel with you. Yes you are right  you can't solve my problems but you can listen. You must remember that this is a relationship and a relationship is
not rules but freedom and a relationship with Me is true freedom indeed." .. "Ok.. So how are ya Jesus??" Jesus smiled "I am doing well. How are you??" I felt confused "You already know that so why do You ask me how I am??" Jesus replied "our relationship is a process. In this process we talk to each other and listen to each other and spend time with one another. Yes I know how you are but that doesn't mean I still do not want to hear from you how you are and what you are upto. I wanna hear everything.You have a joke I want to hear it. You had bad news I want to hear it. Your angry I want to hear it. You learn something I want to hear it. I want to hear from you everything you think and feel." I sighed "well sorry to disappoint ya Jesus but I have nothing to share with You today. Everything is bleh,dull and boring." Jesus looked a bit offended "everything??" I nodded "ya everything is bleh." Jesus "please open your Bible to Genesis." Me "Oh I didn't bring my Bible with me. Sorry." Jesus replied "I know so I brought it here. Look beside you." I looked and there say my Bible. So I picked it up and turned to Genesis "ok where in Genesis would You like me to read??"Jesus replied "Chapter one verse ten." ... "GOD called the dry land earth, and the gathering of the waters He called seas; and GOD saw that it was good." ... Jesus then said "ok now please read verse 12" ... "The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed after their kind, and trees bearing fruit with seed in them, after their kind; and GOD saw that it was good." ... Jesus "please read verse eighteen" ...."And to govern the day and the night, and to separate the light from the darkness;and GOD saw that it was good." ... Jesus "please read verse twenty-one." ..."GOD created the great sea monsters and every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarmed after their kind, and every winged bird after its kind; and GOD saw that it was good." ... Jesus "Please read verse twenty-five." ... "GOD made the beasts of the earth after their kind, and the cattle after their kind, and everything that creeps on the ground after its kind; and GOD saw that it was good.".... Jesus "so I said that it is good. It doesn't say that it was bleh." ... Me "But You know what I mean though I mean its the same stuff every day. Same ole same ole. Nothing exciting." Jesus replied "Yes I can see your bored but there are plenty of exciting things happening. Its your fault that you are bored." ... "What exciting things are happening and what do You mean its my fault??" ... "Exciting things well animals are giving birth and so are many people, caterpillars are turning into butterflies and even what you call every day things are miracles and you should give more praise and less whining. Yes the sun sets and rises every day but you might not have a tomorrow to see you. You don't know when your time is up no one does except for Me and so you should treat every sunset and sunrise as if it will be the last time you will see it because it just might be. The flowers, trees, bushes, grass are things that I have given you every day to enjoy with the senses that I have given you to enjoy them with. Treat every flower, tree, bush and all the grass as presents from Me to you because that is what they are. Even all the animals are for your enjoyment. I want you to enjoy earth even though you are just passing through here I still wish you to enjoy it." I started to feel very convicted and very sorry and I started to cry and I apologized and asked forgiveness. Jesus put me on His lap and held me and said He forgave me. I looked up at His face "I feel like such a terrible awful person. How do You put up with me?? How do You have patience for me?? I make so many mistakes. Alot of times I make the same ones over and over again. Sometimes I'll fall for excuses in my head that at the time say that something is ok and then later on I'll feel so convicted and it'll just happen over and over again. You deserve so much better then me. I treat You like dirt. I barely even talk to You. My mind drifts off to elsewhere and I think of other things instead of focusing on You. When I do talk to You its either the same basic prayers I say all the time or I'm asking for something. I'm so selfish. I don't deserve You. I feel awful. My Pastor said that You have always thought of me. I find this hard to accept. I'm not that important or special I mean there's alot going on and stuff." Jesus started to frown and His eyes were glassy and He said with His voice trembling "How can you ask such questions?? Don't you know how much I really do love you?? Put up with you... I LOVE YOU!! I yearn for you! I yearn to spend time with you! I yearn to hear from you! I died for you and for this relationship. You are so precious to Me. You are so dear to Me. I know the struggles you have. And those excuses are actually temptations and you need to
learn how to say no and walk away. And I know the struggles you have with your mind and I understand I created your mind the way it is. You just need to learn how to use it like any other tool. How can you say your not that important?? You are important! You are special! You are My creation! You are made in My image! There is no other person like you. No one at all in past, in present or in future that is like you. You are unique. Your Pastor is one hundred percent correct in what he said. I have always thought of you and I continue to always think of you and I will in future always think of you. And no you don't deserve Me but this relationship is My gift to you I died for it and I want you to accept it. No one deserves a relationship with Me. No one has earned it. But I love you so I choose to forgive you and choose to accept you as you are right now. And your not doing as badly with your prayers as you think you are. Think of what you just said to Me and now your listening to Me. That's all prayer is. Prayer is just a fancy word for talking to Me and listening to Me. I want you to always talk to Me as if you can see Me because I'm always there. I won't ever leave you. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you."  Jesus and I hugged and as He was hugging me He rocked me back and forth for a bit... Then I looked up at Him smiling and He smiled back... The End.

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Testimony That Needs To Be Shared

Hey. I have a testimony that needs to be shared. No it isn't mine this is the testimony of someone else. They can't share their testimony as they have passed away but I feel it is my responsibility as a fellow Christian to share their testimony. I am going to type it out as if I am that person although I'm not that person. I am Jenny I AM NOT AILEEN. I wanna make it clear that this is not my testimony but someone else's.  I just want others to have the feeling that she is personally giving it out herself. So here it is please read.....

 Hello my name is Aileen and I'm a greatful believer in Jesus Christ and I struggle with smoking, drugs, alcohol, sexual integrity, anger, borderline personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder. I was born on February 26 1956 in Rochester Michigan. My mother was 15 years old when she married my father whom I've never met because he was put in prison for the rape and attempted murder of a seven year old girl. My parents filed for divorce two months before I was born. When I was almost four months old my mother abandoned me and left me with my maternal grandparents who legally adopted me. I had believed for a very long time that my grandparents were my mother and father. The man who I thought was my father was very abusive to me and would sexually abuse me and before abusing me would force me to strip for him. The woman who I thought was my mother was very strict and we had a very strict regiment. I was beaten often and I would have to clean the leather belt I was beaten with. I already was looking for some acceptance some attention anywhere from anyone. As being introduced to sex at very young at age eleven I engaged in sexual activities in school in exchange for cigarettes, drugs and food. My brother and I had a very close relationship in fact we engaged in sexual activities. At age 14 I became pregnant after being raped from a friend of my grandfathers. I gave birth in a home for unwed mothers and the child was placed for adoption. A few months after my baby was born I dropped out of school and at about that time my grandmother the only person I knew of who loved me unconditionally died of liver failure. When I was 15 my grandfather threw me out of the house and I had no where to go. I didn't know what to do other then prostitute myself so that's what I did. I did it to survive and to me it was normal. I constantly did drugs and alcohol in order to forget my past. In 1974 I was charged with a DUI, disorderly conduct and firing a 22-caliber pistol. I was later charged with failure to appear. In 1976 I hitchhiked to Florida were I met a 69 year old president of a yaught club. We were married that same year. Since he was president he was rich and so I thought I could get all I wanted from him but I was wrong. I later though went to jail for assault for a fight in a local bar. I had got drunk and when I got drunk I was very mean. I was also mad at my husband cause he didn't give me what I wanted like I thought he would so I hit him with his own cane and he got a restraining order against me. I had my marriage annulled after only nine weeks of marriage.  I returned to Michigan and I was arrested for disturbing the peace when I got drunk again and threw a cue ball at a bartenders head. In July 1976 my brother died of esophageal cancer and I went into a tail spin. In 1981 I was arrested in Florida for armed robbery of a convenience store where I stole 35$ worth of cigarettes. I needed a cigarette badly and had to get one. Had to have one no matter what. I was sentenced to prison in 1982 and was released in 1983. You would think jail time would help me but it didn't. In 1984 I was arrested for tempting to pass checks at a bank in Key West. I dunno why I did that really. I may have been high on drugs at the time. In 1985 I was named as a suspect in the theft of a revolver and ammunition. In 1986 I was arrested with grand theft auto and resisting arrest and obstruction of justice for providing identification of my aunt's name. The police officers found a 38-caliber rifle and a box of ammunition in the stolen car. I thought I needed those weapons for protection. The police detained me for questioning after a male companion accused me of pulling a gun in their car and demanding 200$. Around this time I met a maid at gay bar and we moved in together and I supported us in prostitution earnings. I thought that was normal behavior. In 1987 my partner and I were detained at a bar for questioning after an incident in which we were accused of assault and battery with a beer bottle. In 1988 I accused a bus driver of assault he had pushed me off of the bus after a confrentation. In 1989 a 51 year old male tried to rape me so I killed him in self defense. I got a bit of a thrill and a high from that. I felt so much power and control in that where I had lost control before. I killed six more men after that. I was addicted to the thrill of killing and having that control. In 1991 I was arrested on an outstanding warrant at a biker bar. I went to that bar often. I felt finally accepted there. Sometimes I would shoot pool or listen to music. But I found it relaxing and I finally felt like I had belonged there. In 1991 I had finally confessed to the murders I committed. In 1992 I was convicted of the murders. At my sentencing psychiatrists testified that I'm mentally unstable and had me diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder. Four days later I was sentenced to death. After that I had got a letter from a Christian lady in the letter she said Jesus told her to write it and gave her phone number. Shortly after that I called her collect. We got along well and she told me about Jesus and I became a Christian. Shortly after that I pleaded no contest to the murders I committed as I wanted to get right with GOD. In 2001 I announced that I would issue no further appeals against my death sentence. I wanted to die so I could go to Heaven and be with GOD. Earth had always been my hell and so now I wanted to go to Heaven. I petitioned the supreme court to fire all my legal counsel and stop all appeals. A defense attorney argued that I was in no state for them to honor that request. Governor Jeb Bush instructed three psychiatrists to give me a 15 minute interview. They tested me for competency which requires the psychiatrists to be convinced that the condemned person understands that they will die and what crimes they were being executed for. All three psychiatrists judged me mentally fit to be executed. I was brought into the death chamber in 2002. My last meal was KFC and french fries. My last words before being executed were "Yes, I would just like to say I'm sailing with the rock, and I'll be back, like Independence day with Jesus. June 6 like the movie. Big mother ship and all, I'll be back, I'll be back." At 9:47 AM I closed my eyes and died... Thank you for letting me share.

I thought this testimony should be shared. This person and this story is real. If you wanna look her up her full name is Aileen Carol Wuornos. The point I wanted to make with this is that no one is beyond Jesus healing and help and forgiveness. After all this woman had done and been through in the end she still reached out to GOD. She could have chosen to be mad at Him but she didn't. Thanks to a Christian friend of hers she came to know Jesus and is now in Heaven. Some out there feel they would like to come to GOD but feel they have gone to far. Pushed GOD's patience to much and that its to late for them. If that's you. If that is how you feel I'm telling you right now it is never to late to come to GOD. He loves you infinately and wants a relationship with you. He gave His life just so you could be with Him in paradise and have a relationship with Him. To all Christians who are reading this... Please keep spreading the Gospel and do whatever GOD tells you to do. You may not know it but someone could be lead to Christ cause of something you said or did. Remember that you are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. Also please don't judge the young pregnant prostitute to harshly after all like Aileen she could have been raped you don't know. Please don't judge to prostitutes to harshly they may not know any better. Now some of you Christians may feel that I shouldn't use the word prostitute. If you can't handle that word how will you handle meeting one?? Please remember that all of us at one time or another were lost and needed Jesus and thanks to Him reaching out we now have a relationship with Him. Now by all means I'm not encouraging prostitution. I'm not saying that its ok to go out and do as you please cause Jesus will forgive you anyways. Please never take advantage of the gift of salvation. All I'm saying is please keep spreading the Gospel, do whatever GOD tells you to do and please show grace and mercy to those who are lost... Here are the two links with info on Aileen Carol Wuornos that I used to do this testimony for her. 1. and 2. ..... GOD bless you. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I was baptized on Sunday April 15th 2012

Hey. As the title says I was baptized and I wanted to give you every single detail of it. I'm also gonna try to attach pictures to this of me gettin baptized. So here are the details enjoy!

Well before thinking of baptisim I had to learn what exactly that's all about. So I asked my Pastor. I will not give out his name since I dunno if he would be comfertable with that or not. My Pastor explained to me that baptism is just an outward showing of whats already happened inside. Going down is a symbol of dying to sin and coming back up is a symbol of being alive in Christ. Then shortly after that it was announced my Church was gonna do baptisms. So I asked my Pastor about that and he interviewed me. Well before this interview I was so nervous cause I wasn't sure what he was gonna ask me or if he would throw at me any trick questions. And since my Pastor reads this blog thank you Pastor for not asking me any trick questions lol. He only asked me how I came to Christ and so I told him that story which I will share on this blog another time. Then he said he knew me well enough and sees evidence of Jesus in me and said he would baptize me. Outward I was as calm as I could but inside I was thinkin "WOOHOO!!!!" So then I had to wait for a letter for details about my baptisim but since I know my Pastor on Facebook he was just gonna Facebook me the details. Well I waited and waited and waited but no details. And it was a week before the baptism and there were details that I needed to know. So after Church services I asked him about the details and so he got me the letter that I am keeping of the details I needed to know. Then later on I looked at the letter and noticed my Pastor forgot to put in what time to meet him at the Church for my baptism. I'm thinkin "ummmm Pastor I am not psychic" lol. So I facebooked him about that and then he messaged me back the time. Asked him to please spell my name right on my baptism certificate as my middle name has a British spelling cause I'm half British and many people spell it wrong. He messaged me back saying he would make sure its spelled correctly and long live the Queen! I was so tempted to message back Yankee Doodle! But I didn't. Oh well... So now baptism day is comming close and I start to worry. I worry what if the Pastor bonks my head on the way down, what if I drown, what if the water is cold, what if I say somethin stupid, what if I get suddenly sick, what if something happens and I'm for some reason unable to go and get baptized? I also remember thinkin "a week from now and I'll be baptized!" Then it was Friday and I thought "just today and tommorow and I'll be baptized!" Then it was Saturday and I thought "Tommorow I'll be baptized!" That night I couldn't sleep cause I was so nervous and excited. Then the day came. I went to morning Church services that morning and baptism wasn't until that evening. So I had all morning to sweat it out. I remember thinking "today I'll be baptized!" When someone asked me how I was I just said "nervous and excited." Kept bein told there was nothin to be nervous about and everything would be fine. My friend Tom told me that I might get emotional and that was ok and he told me that when he was baptized he got emotional. Thank you Tom for tellin me that! Then after services I asked my Pastor to pray about my nervousness and he did right then and there and reminded me that the Bible says to be anxious for nothing. Thank you for praying for me Pastor! So had breakfest at Church that morning as we do a breakfest thing once a month and its fun. Got new shoes from my friend Heather. Thank you Heather for the shoes I love them! Then went back home tried to take a nap and then the time came to go back to Church to get baptized. DUN DUN DUN!! I was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. My friends Rick and Therese took pictures of me before being baptized. Thank you Rick and Therese for taking pictures of me! Then went backstage and got changed. Then after we were all ready the senior Pastor came in and gave us instructions as to how to get in the baptism tub so that we don't slip and fall. He said to walk slowly sideways and to hold on to the bar. Then I find out that there will be a little black mic box and we were told to not touch it. I thought "oh great now I'll be eletricuted! Lovely!" And then I find out another group will be baptized before my group is. Now longer time to sweat it out. So we wait and then its my groups turn. I remember seeing the baptism tub and my stomache did a flip flop. I was second in line to be baptized. So my Pastor enters into the tub and he didn't go in as instructed and well he slipped. He didn't hurt himself but he looked silly. Sorry Pastor but I had to put that in lol. I remember thinking "didn't you listen to the instructions??" Then my friend Junior ahead of me says "thats why you don't go in the tub like that." Then its my turn and I go in very carefully and very slowly and I said to Pastor "I'm comming just give me six hours." Then unknown to me people by now can hear me cause of the mic and I said "I'm thankful that the water is warm." Then the Pastor said some stuff and then asked me why I wanted to be baptized. And I said "It is my gift to GOD. Like Jesus gift to me cause He died for me. I know I can't pay em back and I can't outgive GOD you said that yourself but its still a gift. I hope He likes it. (looked up at the ceiling) please like it." Then my Pastor said "He likes it." Then my Pastor asked me if my family was there and I said "yes my CR and Church family are here and could you all please stand so everyone can see how big my family is." They all stood. Thank you all for standing and being there for me I love you all. And those of you who weren't there I love you to. Then my Pastor asked me a suprise question. Now he does the suprise question! He asked me "is there anything else you'd like to say??" Might as well have said "any last words??" But then if he said that I might have fainted lol. For a second though I felt like a deer at headlights. Finally I said "to GOD be the glory." I'm so glad I didn't say anything stupid. Then just before my Pastor dunked me I said "please don't bonk my head." Then I felt my head touch the water and I started to panic as I have a phobia of drowning and I said "how long will I be underwater??" And my Pastor said "not long." Then my Pastor baptized me yay! Then I got out the water and went and dried off and changed. Then I came out and apologized to my Pastor for panicking but he understood and said it was ok. Then he gave me my certificate of baptism which I will keep. It has my name right! Lol. Then I gave him a hug and well all my friends there got hugs. I was in a real huggy mood. And from the moment of being baptised till now I feel covered by the Holy Spirit and I feel filled with joy and peace and happiness. I'm just so very happy! I wish I could throw a big party for this! When I got home though it was hard for me to wind down after that. I wish it was earlier in the day so that I could go for a walk afterwards and that would have helped me wind down. So I was up till one in the morning trying to wind down lol... Now for the most important thank you... Thank You Heavenly Father Jesus Holy Spirit for Your help and guidence and paitence with the whole baptism thing. Please remember GOD every single detail of that day forever and never forget it. I love You GOD. In Jesus name I pray amen.... Ok here are the pictures of me

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Roman Road

Hey. It's Easter so I figure I'll do a blog on salvation. I did one once a while ago but this one will be different as I'm gonna do the roman road and I'll use pictures from google images to help.... Before reading the blog please say the following prayer or one like it "Dear GOD please give me Your wisdom, Your understanding and Your discernment in order to learn and understand this. Please help me to apply what I learn to my life. In Jesus name I pray amen."

Now this is a very hard road to travel the roman road. You may not like some of it. You might get angry at some of the things you will find. You might think its crazy. But I encourage you to please read all of it. Before being a Christian and being saved your status before GOD is a sinner. No matter what you think,feel,say or do you alone cannot change your status before GOD. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then for someone to get to Heaven on their own. Every single human being has sinned and there is no one is good. "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of GOD" Romans 3:23.

And no one will get away with it either. There is a punishment for sins. "For the wages of sin is death" Romans 6:23. Death meaning Hell meaning eternal seperation from GOD. Once in Hell there are no more second chances. Its eternal punishment and its real.,r:16,s:0,i:102

There is only one alternative to this. And that is the gift of salvation through Jesus blood on the cross for you. "But the gift of GOD is eternal life through Jesus Christ or Lord" Romans 6:23. And its a free gift. You can't earn it and you don't deserve it.,r:1,s:0,i:70

GOD the Father provided His only begotton Son Jesus to die for your sins. Jesus paid the full price and took the full penalty for your sins. "But GOD commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us" Romans 5:8.

You may be wondering right now if GOD will accept you. The answer is yes. "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved" Romans 10:13. Whosoever which means it doesn't matter weather your boy or girl or short or tall or what you look like or how much or how little money you have or if your disabled or not.,r:12,s:63,i:301

Ok so now how do you recieve this eternal life?? Cause remember you can't earn it. "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that GOD hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved" Romans 10:9. Simply put all you do is confess out loud that Jesus your personal Lord and Savior and believe in your heart that GOD raised Jesus from the dead you will be saved.,r:15,s:0,i:100

Now that you have done this and gladly accepted eternal life through Jesus alone whats next?? "Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto GOD, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of GOD" Romans 12:1-2. This means to find yourself a Church home be in prayer about that, join a Celebrate Recovery thats a Christ centered recovery group for an hurt,habit or hang-up. Find yourself Christian friends to help you in your new walk with Jesus. Now as a Christian your dead to your sins.

Jesus went through alot for you. He was betrayed, abandoned by His disciples, arrested, beaten, spit upon, whipped, denied three times, nailed to a cross, seperated from the Heavenly Father and died just for you. If you were the only person on earth He would do all that for you. Because He loves you more then mere words can express. He would go through all that seven million times a day for you if thats what it took for you to have a relationship with Him. And while He was up there on the cross He wasn't only looking at the people below. He look right at you! Yes you personally He saw you and said "I love you this much" and bowed His head and died. His love kept Him on the cross. Then after three days He rose again. Death couldn't keep Him in the ground. Jesus now holds the keys to life and death. Jesus now sits at the right hand of the Heavenly Father. GOD doesn't want anyone to go to Hell. But even right now as I type this dozens of people are headed for Hell because they don't have this gift yet. And once in Hell there are no second chances. And death could happen at anytime no one knows when there time is up. So I asking you please to go and witness to someone this week. Don't worry about what to say GOD will give you the words. Pray for someone to witness to and for GOD to give you the words.... Now if you feel lead to please say the following prayer or one like it "Dear GOD thank You for Your salvation. Thank You for Your forgiveness. Thank You for loving me. Thank You for Your sacrafice. Please send me someone this week to witness to and please give me the words to say to them. In Jesus name I pray amen." .... GOD bless you.